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A Special Report from a Kid Scientist!

Last month, we had a kid reporter on the ground for that very special celestial event - the total solar eclipse! Zane, 10 years old, and his dad traveled all the way from New Hampshire to St Clair, Missouri, to view this rare event. Here's his report.

Yesterday we saw the solar eclipse! It was cool. We went to St. Clair to see the solar eclipse. While we were driving and the solar eclipse didn’t start, some people were staring at the sun without solar eclipse glasses! We thought that they were going to get blind! When we looked up (with our solar eclipse glasses) we saw the sun slowly getting covered by the moon.

A little while later the solar eclipse came, everybody cheered it was cool! Every side of the earth seemed like the sun was setting! So we looked at it amazed and it got a little cooler too! Then when it was over, all of a sudden it got bright and the solar eclipse was over so we left and went to the hotel and spent the rest of the day having fun!


Compare this picture of Zane (in the green-striped shirt) to the one below!

IMG_4785.jpegLook how dark it's getting!


It looks like sunset on the horizon, but the sun is still high in the sky.

IMG_4788.jpegCan you see the streetlights on in the distance?

IMG_4772.jpegFrom Zane's dad: "If you look at the hand shadow photo, you'll see "spheres" between the fingers, which was pretty bizarre and only happened at a certain angle (I think this was 3/4 eclipsed)."

Thank you, Zane, for your terrific report and for remembering to stay safe by only looking at the sun through your glasses!

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