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Best Practices for Screen Time for Kids

Parents and educators have been trying to decide on best practices in terms of kids and screens for decades. With the onslaught of new technology and mobile devices during the past several years, these concerns have only increased. How is the Internet changing the way kids think and behave?


While every family has individual needs and ideas on what makes for a healthy screen limit, there's plenty of information available for people who want some expert advice. An article from the Stern Center for Language and Learning has some great tips from the experts about how much, what type, and what parents and educators can do to turn screen time into learning time.

The article advises using screen time in the same way you might use reading time—ask children questions as they make their way through screen time, check on their comprehension, and use finger pointing to foster word recognition.

The article begins:

The goal of today’s post is to help parents find some clarity and guidance when attempting to moderate technology use that is a seemingly ever-present entity in our lives.

Any parent can become easily overwhelmed when faced with raising a child at a time when technology and innovation are alive and thriving; when smart phones, e-readers, televisions, laptops, and the like surround your family; and our whole world seems saturated by screens. It doesn’t take long for new parents to start asking themselves questions like:

How much screen time is okay for children?”
Can screen time be developmentally beneficial to my child?”
How can I use technology to enrich my child’s life and encourage learning rather than let it manifest into a distraction or unhealthy obsession?”

These are all great questions worth asking and for all you clearly diligent, caring, and loving parents out there, here are our answers.

Read the rest of the Stern Center article here. What are your tips for ensuring healthy screen time experiences?



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