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Celebrate Girls in Science by learning of Women in the Air!

Ameilia Earhart broke a lot of records: first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, first woman to fly nonstop coast to coast, first woman to fly SOLO across the Atlantic—she was good at being first. What about being the first person to fly around the world? That was the trip during which she was lost.


The world had to wait until 1964 for a woman, Geraldine "Jerrie" Fredritz Mock, to fly around the world. girls in science

News broke last week of another broken record. Air India became the first airline to send an all-female flight crew on a flight around the world. Everyone involved in the takeoff and landing was a woman, including the cabin crew, engineers, ground staff, and the pilots. The plane flew over the Pacific from New Delhi to San Francisco, where the crew spent a mandatory rest period, and then continued their journey across the Atlantic back to New Delhi.

While the New Delhi crew made their historic flight too late to be included in our book, Aviation: Cool Women Who Fly, you can read about lots more women who have strived throughout history to make their marks on the skies. Click on the cover below to read an excerpt and click here to purchase from Amazon!


Happy flying!


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