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Having Fun Figuring Out Human Movement!

"The head bone’s connected to the…" Even if you can’t remember the words to the old song, it’s a good idea to develop a basic understanding of how your body moves and works.

human movement

How do the bones connect to each other in a way that promotes healthy movement and stability? What roles do your muscles play in different motions? What does your brain have to do with the way you kick a football? And how do your organs fit into the picture?HumanMovement_Accentimage-1.jpeg

The human body is an amazing thing, and for kids who are involved in sports, theater, music, or pretty much anything else, it can be fascinating to discover the different ways the parts of their bodies work together to create movement.

Our new book, Human Movement: How the Body Walks, Runs, Jumps, and Kicks, explores the hows and whys of human movement in a way that kids will love to experience. Using real-life examples as the basis for activities, this book makes the path from brain to muscles to bones and beyond a clear one to follow.

Check out this excerpt from Human Movement!

Want to try a Human Movement activity? Here you go!

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