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How To Use NASA in Your Classroom

Are you studying Earth science in your classroom? It might be called Earth science, but astronomy is a major part of this field of study! And where better to learn astronomy than the premier astronomy institution of the United States—NASA!

A solar nebula picture from the Hubble telescopeNASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has a wealth of resources for educators and students who are learning about space missions, the moon, eclipses, other planets, asteroids and meteors, and lots of other spacey things.

Try these websites to give kids a hands-on, eyes-on, real-world perspective when studying stuff that's out of this world.

NASA Earth
Read articles about the Earth, including real-time information on climate change, wild fires, and the atmosphere

Astronomy Picture of the Day
We're lucky to live during a time when the solar system is sending us selfies. Check it out!

Eyes on the Earth
An interactive experience that lets viewers measure global temperatures, precipitation, and other elements, including gravity fluctuations. Requires a one-time download and it's worth it.

Eclipse Event
A very impressive solar eclipse is going to happen in August of 2017, and this site has everything you need to learn all about eclipses before the big event!

NASA Space Place
A slew of projects and activities wait at this site, including instructions for making a pinhole camera and examining the differences between how humans think and how robots “think.”

Need some books on astronomy? Try these!

Astronomy: Cool Women in Space

Astronomy: Cool Women in Space will introduce young readers to three women who are bringing the science of astronomy forward and inspiring the next generation of astronomers.




Explore Comets and Asteroids book cover

Have you ever wished on a shooting star? Explore Comets and Asteroids! With 25 Great Projects takes readers ages 7 to 10 on an amazing journey through space to investigate comets, asteroids, and lesser-known celestial objects using hands-on activities and investigative experiments.




Explore the Solar System book cover

Explore the Solar System! introduces kids ages 6-9 to the planets, moons, and other celestial bodies that surround our star, the sun, as well as the universe beyond.

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