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Science Activity Time: Atoms and Molecules

Explaining matter to young kids can seem like a daunting prospect, but with a little perspective and lots of hands-on fun, children can gain a solid foundation on which to build the fundamentals of chemistry!

chemistry for kids

Using fun analogies and hands-on activities, author Janet Slingerland introduces the concepts of matter, energy, molecules, and chemical reactions in a way that kids can understand. Check out this excerpt from her introduction to Explore Atoms and Molecules! With 25 Projects:


"Matter is everywhere. It is the floor beneath your feet, the water in your glass, and the breeze in the air. Matter is anything that takes up space. Everything you can see, smell, and touch is made of matter. And all that matter is made of atoms and molecules.

Floors, water, and wind don’t seem as though they are made of the same stuff. They all behave very
differently. They are all matter, and they are all made of atoms and molecules. But they are in different states. Matter is usually in one of three states—solid, liquid, or gas."

Chemistry is a great thing to teach kids because a lot of it is available at their fingertipes. They can observe different states of matter, see chemical reactions take place, and feel the differences between different substances. Have fun learning about the world!

Try this fun science activity!





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