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Homework: Necessary or a Waste of Time?

Even just muttering the word “homework” is enough to strike despair into the hearts of children and frustration into the minds of parents. Does it have to be this way?

How to Teach Kids that Failure Might Be the Best Option

A couple of words that have been getting a lot of attention the past few years in conversations about education are “grit” and "failure." How do we teach kids that it's okay to fail?

Creativity in the Classroom

Do your math students feel like they’re being creative when they work at solving complex problems? Do your history students feel like they’re being creative as they delve into the detail about the Marshall Plan? Should they?

Join the Nomad Press Book Squad and Enter to Win Free Books!

The Book Squad is here again! We invite you to join the Nomad Press Book Squad by filling out a short survey about our ideas for a new series of educational books for children ages 5 to 8. 

How To Talk To Your Students About 9/11

Teenagers who are entering 9th grade this year will be the first graduating class for whom the terrorist attack of September 11 is truly history. It happened before they were born. They have no memory of that clear, sunny, blue-sky day, no story that's been told to them about a parent picking them up from preschool in tears, no memory of their own. They only have what we as parents and educators can teach them.

Get Smart with Successful Summer Screen Time

Long summer days can be hard to fill with constant enriching activity! And yes, while boredom is a useful learning tool, there is such a thing as enough. Many parents and guardians, especially those who have other work besides caring for children, allow more screen use in the summer than in the school season. When your seven-year-old is sitting on the couch playing Minecraft, it’s easier to make dinner, answer emails, talk on the phone to your boss or partner, and do just about anything else.

Tips For a Successful Family Road Trip


Like most families across the United States, my gang is heading out on a road trip next week. Twelve hours of being trapped inside a car while traffic crawls along at an infuriating pace and children whine about leg room, hunger, thirst, bathroom needs, and each other. Sounds amazing!

Listen to the Sounds of Nature on This Year's Family Vacation

What do you think it sounds like here? Heading out to see the sights this summer? How about heading out to hear the sounds? Families across the country are taking to the road this summer to see the beautiful national parks of our country. The goal is to step into the wilderness and forgot for a while about school, work, daily routines, technology—the stuff that keeps us distracted from the natural world. How about using your ears as much as your eyes? Listen to the sounds of nature on this year's family vacation.

5 Projects Guaranteed to Beat Summer Slide!


Download Our FREE Summer Survival Guide

Did you know that kids typically lose two to three months of math and reading skills during the summer months, with low-income children experiencing the greatest loss? Most teachers spend the first four to six weeks of the new school year reviewing concepts that have not been retained from the previous year.

Make Math Fun and Relevant!


Leonardo da Vinci studies bubbles to figure out the math secrets of the universe!

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