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Best Practices for Screen Time for Kids

Parents and educators have been trying to decide on best practices in terms of kids and screens for decades. With the onslaught of new technology and mobile devices during the past several years, these concerns have only increased. How is the Internet changing the way kids think and behave?

Screen Time? Learning Time!

It's December, and many schools are going to be closed for a few weeks as different holiday celebrations get under way. Let's face it—for parents, school holidays can pose a challenge. Those of us who work outside the home are faced with the need for prolonged child care (and all the guilt that comes from heading to the office while your kids are at home) and those of us who are going to be at home the whole time might be worried about what everyone is going to do for those hours. And for some, the time that is spent as a family can be, well, too much family time.

Connecting Kids with Books They'll Love

Everyone is a different kind of reader. What kind of readers are you and your kids?


A Guide to Get Kids to Read

It’s a question that comes up every year for parents, teachers, and librarians. How do we get kids to read independently? How do we get them to choose to read?

Get Smart with Successful Summer Screen Time

Long summer days can be hard to fill with constant enriching activity! And yes, while boredom is a useful learning tool, there is such a thing as enough. Many parents and guardians, especially those who have other work besides caring for children, allow more screen use in the summer than in the school season. When your seven-year-old is sitting on the couch playing Minecraft, it’s easier to make dinner, answer emails, talk on the phone to your boss or partner, and do just about anything else.

Mudslides for Earth Science Week!

Today is the last day of Earth Science Week! To mark the occasion, let’s talk about a sticky earth science topic—mudslides!


Mailboxes in a mud flow in Castle Rock, Washington, 1980
photo credit: U.S. Geological Survey

Look Up! And Down! Astronomy Sites for Kids

Does your kid love to stargaze? It's a great moment when kids look up and around and discover that the universe is a really huge place. It's such a huge place that it can be intimidating. Luckily, there's an app for that!

 A giant cluster of stars, taken by the Hubble space telescope 

Turn Screen Time into Learning Time

Plenty of arguments about screen time are waged over breakfast tables around the world and in the media. How much is too much? Is gamification really a valuable tool? Are kids going to lose the ability to interact with other humans in meaningful ways? Does screen time contribute to the obesity epidemic

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