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Try These Earth Science Books for Kids!

Maybe middle schoolers love Earth science because they, you know, live on Earth! And often have their heads in the clouds. And are kind of spacey.

Earth science

The study of our planet, the solar system, the weather, geology, and everything else around us is fascinating for kids and adults alike. And it's one of those sciences that's easier for kids to visualize, unlike chemistry which can be more difficult for some. Earth science is something we encounter every day.

We come face to face with Earth science when we step out the front door and discover it's snowing in April. How does snow form? Why does snow sometimes falling fast and furious while other times it floats gently to the ground, as though the snowflakes were lazy?

Where do you go on vacation during the summer? The ocean? The study of the ocean, or oceanography, is another branch of earth science. Did you know that we have better maps of Mars than we do of the ocean floor?

And what about the rocks and minerals you find on the sidewalk or at the playground? There are lots of different types of rocks, and the study of geology is another earth science.

Do you ever go outside at night and look up? What do you see? Comets, stars, planets? The study of astronomy is considered to be another earth science, even though it involves lots of stuff NOT of this earth. Astronomy is fascinating for students and adults alike, because there is so much we don't know and so many places we can't wait to explore.

Earth science books are an essential part of any classroom library. Even kids who tend to be reluctant readers sometimes fall into earth science books with a specific kind of hunger, to learn more and more about the world around us, below us, and way, way above us.

Try this earth science activity for kids!


Check out these earth science books for kids from Nomad Press.






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