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Our contest is underway and we've gotten some fun photos! Here's a sneak peek to get you motivated.

Physics Isn't Scary! It's EVERYWHERE and It's Fun!

Concepts of force, friction, and mechanical advantage can sound scary if they are first introduced in a high school physics class. But levers, inclined planes, wheels and axles, screws, wedges, and pulleys are simple machines that all rely on these concepts of physics. Once your child understands that he or she is using these machines and these concepts every day, the intimidation factor disappears. Better yet, with the foundational knowledge of how simple machines work, approaching physics later won’t be so intimidating, when these basic concepts grow more complex.

STEM: Why is it critical to our children NOW?

STEM is a buzzword in the education world that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The STEM approach to education is designed to revolutionize the teaching of subject areas such as mathematics and science by incorporating technology and engineering into regular curriculum. What STEM also attempts to do is shift the typical classroom environment from being teacher-centered to requiring students to find solutions by actively engaging in problem solving, discovery, and exploratory learning. This is what we are so passionate about at Nomad. Pick up any one of our books and you’ll see that we believe real learning must be active!

Welcome to our blog!

At Nomad Press we publish nonfiction curriculum-based books for kids. Our titles feature content that strikes the fine balance between education and fun. Our mission at Nomad is to spark a fascination in the world around our young readers, encouraging them to become engaged and appreciative lifelong learners. We offer books that feature hands-on activities to teach kids about history and science while aligning to the national curriculum and content standards. First, we take a look at what is taught in schools, and then, through a passion for the specific subjects we choose to cover, we publish books that are invigorating and creative, and that fill in some of the gaps as well.

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