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Help Keep Bullies Off the Playground: Encourage Good Reading Skills!

It’s no secret that reading is good for kids, and kids who are considered good readers are usually considered smart. We associate reading with intelligence for good reason: the more kids read, the more kids know. What we don’t commonly associate with reading are good social skills.

However, a study done by two Stanford researchers, shows that low literacy rates in low-income children in kindergarten and 1st grade correlate with high levels of aggression in those same children in later grades. With these findings they make the claim for the “whole” child approach to academic development and explain that their study proves “social development and academic development are inextricably connected.”

Ben Franklin Giveaway!
We are linking up with HipHomeschoolMoms today to offer a giveaway of Amazing Ben Franklin Inventions You Can Build Yourself.
Amazing Ben Franklin Inventions You Can Build Yourself introduces readers ages 9 and up to the life and times of one of America's greatest thinkers with over 25 hands-on building projects and activities. From his groundbreaking scientific discoveries and inventions to his career as a writer, printer, and politician, Amazing Ben Franklin Inventions gives young readers a comprehensive look at the man who gave us the lightning rod, the armonica, bifocals, the post office, the first public library, Poor Richard's Almanac, and so much more.


Free Activity! Clean Up an Oil Spill

Enjoy this downloadable activity from our book Explore Water! 25 Great Projects, Activities, Experiments. Your kids will have fun getting messy as they learn about the challenges involved in cleaning up an oil spill.

Isn't Water Renewable? So Why Conserve?

We've all heard that fun fact about how the water you drink today could be the same water a dinosaur drank millions of years ago. In fact, there’s always the chance that the water you drink could be—dinosaur pee!



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