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What's a Read-In?

Here’s a great way to honor February as Black History Month: host a Read-In at your house! Or better yet, encourage your kids to host a Read-In, and then make a party out of it. What’s a Read-In, you ask, aside from what it sounds like? Well, 2012 marks the 23rd annual African American Read-In, sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English. It’s a chance to make “literacy a part of Black History Month”.

It’s easy to participate, and totally free!

Just Can't Get Enough!

ABC Action News has posted an excellent piece from Common Sense Media about raising a reader. Their tips start with those we all try our best to do, such as starting young, reading aloud, and establishing a routine.

Some more interesting take-aways include:

Try Non-Fiction! Ror those who are curious about pirates, Vikings, robots, castles, history, sports, biography, animals, whatever.

Creative Ideas for teaching about Martin Luther King

Our audience at Nomad is made up of teachers, librarians, homeschool parents, and parents of school-going kids. We'd love to hear what all of you are doing in your homes and your classrooms to teach and celebrate Martin Luther King.

I was so impressed last week when both of my daughters spewed off all sorts of specifics about the Children's Crusade. This is just the kind of thing that gets kids engaged and inspired. They can relate. They knew that the children's march didn't change the direction of the Civil Rights Movement by itself, but they took away a strong message of kids feeling so passionate about what they believe in that they were willing to climb out of school windows and put their lives at risk to show it. And they learned the lesson that kids have a voice!

George Washington Top 10 Craft Book

George Washington a Top 10 Selection!

We are very proud to announce that George Washington: 25 Great Projects You Can Build Yourself has been named by Booklist magazine as one of the Top 10 Craft Books for Youth.Booklist is the book review magazine of the American Library Association, considered an essential collection development and readers’ advisory tool by thousands of librarians for more than 100 years.


Congratulations go out to Rebecca of Mom's Mustard Seeds for winning a free copy of Amazing Ben Franklin Inventions You Can Build Yourself in our blog contest. Your copy is in the mail and we appreciate your support!

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