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Blast off for STEM!

Once again here at Nomad Press we’re hosting STEM Friday. It’s a chance for us to feature children’s books from all over the web that incorporate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Leave your links and information in the comments.This week for STEM Friday we want to feature two of our books about the solar system. The first, Explore the Solar System!, is for kids ages 6-9, and the second, Amazing Solar System Projects You Can Build Yourself, is for kids ages 9 and up. We’re featuring these two books on space because this week STEM Friday happens to follow two important anniversaries: the anniversary of the first woman in space on June 16 AND the anniversary of the first American woman in space on June 18!

The Baby Bard

Globe Theater in London is now giving Shakespeare lessons to three-year-olds. Yes, you read that correctly, preliterate three-year-olds. Despite what it sounds like,this is not an ultra-competitive, ultra-elite education program for those children destined to matriculate at an Ivy-league nursery even before they're potty trained.

It’s actually not that at all. As this article claims, much of Shakespeare’s original audience was illiterate. Ok, ok, agreed. But his audience was most likely older than three, and therefore had learned enough about the world to connect with the plots and the characters. Plus, they understood Shakespeare’s language.

Shakespeare’s plays have come a long way since then. They’ve gone from pleasing the illiterate to pleasing the sophisticated. His words are now most often only “studied” in an academic setting.

Teaching How to “Share,” Safely

Do you think your son or daughter shares too much information on Facebook? Do your kids think they share too much on Facebook? Chances are, your thoughts on what should remain private (and not posted on the internet) are sometimes different than your kids’. Here’s a study to read more on the topic called "Social Privacy in Networked Publics: Teens' Attitudes, Practices, and and Strategies."

June is Internet Safety Month. Even if you’ve taken all the necessary steps to keep your kids safe on the Internet, it doesn’t hurt to have a little reminder. In reality, every month could be Internet Safety Month, because Internet settings, especially the privacy ones, seem to constantly change, and sometimes without our even knowing it. Furthermore, the Internet will probably always give kids a false sense of security. They often feel as if the screen in front of them serves as protection from the Internet world they engage in on a daily basis; sometimes it feels to them like they’re carrying a shield when they enter a site.

It’s a whole new role parents have to play these days—helping kids to know not only the risk of playing ball in the street but also the risk of surfing on the net.

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