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Doomsday Debunkery

NEWS ALERT: the world is coming to an end on Friday! Oh, sorry, you already knew this? Who told you, the Maya? Oh, they didn’t? You heard it on television and saw it on the internet. That sounds about right. The Maya wouldn’t have told you. First of all, they’re all deceased, and second of all, the Maya NEVER EVER predicted an end to the world. They did much more interesting and awe-inspiring things than make predictions about the world ending.Our book for kids could tell you that.

Yes, there have been a lot of scary things happening in the world in recent weeks, months, and years--lots of natural and man-made disasters; however, all of these are not portending an imminent end. Furthermore, we will not collide with another planet or slip into a black hole at the end of the week. None of these predictions are scientific possibilities. They’re actually scientific impossibilities, at least as far as this Friday is concerned.


It’s computer science education week (aka, Geek Week)! Computer science was given its very own entire week for recognition and celebration back in 2009, in order “to recognize the transformative role of computing and the need to bolster computer science at all educational levels.” I bet we could spend the entire week just looking at the changes in computing since 2009! The world of computer science is almost always evolving at a rapid pace; it’s hard to keep up.

“In Education, the Goal is Not Freedom; It’s Knowledge”: To Homeschool or Unschool?

Puzzle this one out: unschoolers are always homeschoolers, but no homeschooler is ever an unschooler. It’s a bit of a teaser, I know. But that’s because these two terms—both of which are actually quite easy to define—are difficult to separate if left undefined. They seem synonymous, which they are, but only in one respect: both homeschoolers and unschoolers don’t go to school, in the traditional sense; they school at home (as well as in the woods and meadows, at the theater, or wherever their interests lead them).

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