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How Music Sharpens the Brain

An interesting article in Education Weekly on how music education sharpens the brain (which translates positively into every other aspect of a child's life). Another plug for the arts!

Want to Cross the Discipline Divide? Try Music.

To say music is an art is an obvious true statement. To say music is also math, science, history, and social studies is a less than obvious true statement. I might sound grandiose, but when it comes to making learning in school more interdisciplinary, music can be the Great Boundary Breaker, the Discipline Dissolver, the Subject Splicer. That’s because music encompasses everything!

As a parent, you might be looking for ways to keep your son or daughter more interested in history. As a teacher, you might be looking for ways to make your classroom more interdisciplinary. Here are some simple tips for using music to blur the subject lines and to excite kids about difficult physics concepts or seemingly impossible math problems. All of my tips are taken from my book Music: Investigate the Evolution of American Sound, a book that explores the history of American music, as well as the physics of sound and the physiology of hearing and singing.

Navigating the Science Project: How to Help Your Kids Make the Discoveries!

Reposted from todaysparentusa.com

When it comes to helping kids with science projects, parents can always do better.

Wait a minute! I’m not insisting parents can complete better projects than kids; that’s usually a given, and that’s exactly what I don’t mean! When it comes to helping kids with their science projects, parents can always do better at helping their kids take the reins by encouraging them to get their hands dirty and in the process come to understand what science is really all about!

Today’s competitive educational environment can sometimes send parents into overdrive, but childhood is a time for exploration, and the art of the science project is the art of learning to explore. So how do you help your kids but also give them the space to complete the project on their own? Here are some tips from my book, Explore Gravity! With 25 Great Projects, on how to create an environment that allows your child to bloom as a scientist while you sit back and marvel.

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