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A Rose By Any Other Name...

Which phrase do you prefer: climate change or global warming? Which one do you hear most often? Which one do you use?

Recently, the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication released the results of a study on exactly those questions. These researchers discovered that the general public most often used, heard, and reacted emotionally to the term "global warming" instead of "climate change."

Truth? Illusion? Who knows?

Here at Nomad, I recently moved to a new desk. I used to sit in a corner, and now I sit in a cubicle, one of a few against a wall with an open hallway running alongside. The noise in this cubicle is really weird.

Ambassadors from an Ancient World

In many ways, we live in a disposable world. We use disposable dishes and silverware, we use paper towels that we toss in the trash after wiping up one spill, and every year many of us get new clothes and shoes to replace the ones that no longer fit. Even the cars we drive, the computers we use, and the refrigerators that keep our food cold have shelf lives. Nothing, except maybe the houses we live in, is likely to last beyond five, ten, or twenty years.

Maybe that’s why it’s so exciting to come across something really, really old. Even when that something really old is really weird looking.

The View of Earth from Space

Last week, the Soyuz TMA-13M spacecraft launched from the Russian-leased Baikonur cosmodrone in Kazakhstan carrying three men—two Russians and one American—to the international space station.


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