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Quieter Than a Sonic Boom

If you weren’t listening very closely to the news these past few days, you might have missed it. Remember Felix Baumgartner and his historic jump from approximately 24 miles in space? Someone beat his record.

photo credit: Rico Shen
The Use of the Moon

Most of us know the story of Christopher Columbus and his fleet of ships that brought the dawn of European exploration and colonization to the Americas. Many of us also know that Columbus is not an altogether wholesome character, but one who traded in slaves and used cheating and treachery to advance his own cause.

But you might not know about the time Columbus had to rely on the intersection between trickery and astronomy to save his own life and the lives of his crew.

Woolly Bears in a Winter Wonderland?

This time of year often invites a clash of clothing. It can be chilly in the morning, but by mid-afternoon we’re all running the air conditioners and peeling off layers. It can be tough to predict what the weather will be just a few hours from breakfast, never mind what it will be three months from now. But we try!


photo by Catherine Boeckmann
Heading South

Monarch butterflies have the right idea.


Instead of sleeping, shivering, or hiding their way through a snowy winter, monarch butterflies take to the skies every fall for their annual migration to warmer climates.

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