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Science Fair Projects: Yay?

Mentos in soda bottles. Plants watered with vinegar. Hamsters forced to run through mazes. Creative science fair projects, true, but ones that have been done over and over and over. Why does the science fair project still exist?


Sally Ride Still Inspires

Happy Birthday Sally Ride! Even three years after her death, Sally is still inspiring kids around the world to study science.

Birds on the Brain: Make a Lesson Out of Birdsong

This time of year we all have birds on the brain. After a cold, quiet winter, we're treated to a bounty of birdsong in the spring! But what exactly are those birds saying to each other? Are they discussing baseball? Probably not. Their voices sound like songs to us, but they're actually conveying important information.

Celebrate Memorial Day with Primary Sources!

Why do we celebrate Memorial Day? Hint: the holiday has nothing to do with store sales or open-toed shoes! Most of us have lost the meaning behind holidays such as Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. Celebrating Memorial Day with primary sources is a great way to find our way back.


Teach With Technology

For the past couple of decades, there’s been a lot of talk about integrating technology in classrooms across the country. Pretty much everyone agrees that computers and the Internet are here to stay, but how to do teachers and students get the most out of them both in the classroom and at home? How do we use technology as a useful tool instead of a distraction?

How do we teach with technology?

Spring Science Projects

Here in New England, spring has finally sprung. Well, it feels more like summer and many of us are scratching our heads wondering if spring skipped right over us, but at least it’s not winter!

It's Teacher Appreciation Week!

How does your school celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week?

STEM Friday: Explore Solids and Liquids!


Explore Solids and Liquids! With 25 Great Projects
by Kathleen M. Reilly, illus. by Bryan Stone
96 pages, grades 2-4
Nomad Press, 2014




Why is water watery? Why are solids hard? Why does steam float?

These questions are ones you might hear from a seven-year-old, and this book has the answers. Explore Solids and Liquids! with 25 Great Projects brings basic chemistry into the classroom or kitchen and makes it accessible for kids in grades two through four, and for anyone else who needs a refresher course in the different stages of matter.

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