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Kids Need Books! Here's How To Help

Have you seen the news story that went viral this week about the little boy begging for junk mail? Twelve-year-old Matthew Flores loves to read but had no books in the house and asked the postman, Ron Lynch, for extra junk mail to read instead. The postman responded with a request of his own posted on social media, and hundreds of bookshave been delivered from all over the world.

Beat the Boredom with Podcasts!

Heading out on a long family road trip? You’re going to need some entertainment to beat the boredom! Podcasts (and, of course, books!) are a great way to go when you’re trying to keep the whole family interested (and not bickering).


Summer Reading for Kids!

Ah summer, the season of hot days, cool lemonade, and hours of summer reading in the hammock. Sure, there’s still work, camp, and errands, but most people look at summer as an opportunity to catch up on all the books they didn’t have time for during the fall, winter, and spring months when the days were shorter.

Turn Screen Time into Learning Time

Plenty of arguments about screen time are waged over breakfast tables around the world and in the media. How much is too much? Is gamification really a valuable tool? Are kids going to lose the ability to interact with other humans in meaningful ways? Does screen time contribute to the obesity epidemic

Hello Pluto!

Today’s a good day to be an earthling. Sure, we’ve still got war, famine, drought, and melting glaciers, but today we’ve also got pictures of Pluto.

STEM Friday! Physics: Investigate the Forces of Nature

When skateboarder Tony Hawk performs his signature move, the Ollie, he might not be running actual calculations in his head. It’s probably second nature for him to figure out how much force he needs to exert on his board and how far he needs to bend his knees to cushion the landing. But every move he makes on his skateboard is based on physics.

The Lessons of Carli Lloyd

You might have heard—Carli Lloyd scored a hat trick to bring the USA Women's Soccer Team to victory at the Women's World Cup on Sunday. I'm not a sports fan and even I am excited about this. For one thing, when a women does something incredibly athletic that the entire world celebrates, that's a good thing. All those little girls out there who are told daily at a subconscious level that their looks matter more than their skills get a huge dollop of truth: what you do matters more than what you look like.

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