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Math Homework Help? Help!

I noticed the difference in the fifth grade, and it’s only gotten worse with each passing year. My kids’ math homework, while perfectly understandable in the lower grades, is now beyond my abilities. My boys have learned not to come to me for help when they encounter fraction division, compound events, or linear expressions. Not because I’m not willing, but because I’m bound to get the problem wrong even after reaching high levels of frustration trying to get it right.


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Girls in Science: An Important New Series

Ask a roomful of first graders how many of them are scientists and they'll all raise their hands. First graders know that they don't have to wear lab coats to practice science, even though lab coats are a welcome addition to any first-grade wardrobe. Kids instinctively know that science is for everyone. It's how we figure out the world.

Ask a roomful of sixth graders the same question and you might not get the same response, and most of the raised hands will probably belong to boys. Researchers have discovered that around ages 10-12, many girls start to lose interest in science. Nomad Press's response to this problem is a new series of books called Girls in Science.

STEM Friday: Brains!

The Brain: Discover the Universe Inside Your Head
by Carla Mooney, Illustrated by Tom Casteel
128 pages, grades 7-9
Nomad Press, 2015



We all have them. We use them to know when and what to eat, to make decisions both large and small, to sense who to trust and who to stay away from, and to recognize pain and react accordingly. 

Brains! That three-pound lump of grayish matter can do things that no other animal or machine can do. Without your brain, you would not be alive. Your brain regulates your heartbeat, blood pressure, and breathing. It tells you when to eat, drink, and sleep. Your brain also makes you the person that you are. It guides and directs your actions and behavior. Your brain controls how you feel, perceive, and think about the world around you. That’s a pretty huge job.

Celebrate National Honey Bee Day!

Ban Ignorance--Not Honey Bees!

The honey bees have been in the news quite a bit the past several years. Usually, their fame is a result of their sudden disappearance. But this month, we're celebrating National Honey Bee Day!


How to Talk to Kids About Ferguson

This month one year ago, Michael Brown was killed and the country watched the town of Ferguson, Missouri spin into chaos. Race, discrimination, police brutality, and violent protest became topics of conversation in homes, schools, places of work, churches, grocery stores, sidewalks--wherever people gathered.

How to Remember a Family Vacation

It's August! Time for one last month of summer fun before school starts! 

Is your family heading out on the road for a much-needed vacation? Whether you're going across the country, to the next state, or to a local museum or lake, traveling is a great chance to renew family bonds while making memories and learning new things.

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