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Inquiry-Based Learning with the Inquiry Spiral!

Do you practice inquiry-based learning in your classroom or homeschool?

Do you use the...


The Haunted History of Halloween!

Are you setting out this Saturday night in costume, treat bag at the ready? Are you already jumping at loud, unexpected noises and the sight of black cats? Are your pointed hat, fake fangs, and shaggy wig hanging by your door? It must be the season of Halloween!

A traditional Irish turnip Jack-o'-lantern from the early 20th century. Photographed at the Museum of Country Life, Ireland. Photo credit: rannṗáirtí anaiṫnid

Time for Some Citizen Science!

Are you a citizen scientist? What have you discovered lately?

Kids can be citizen scientists, too!

photo credit: United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service

Bowling Ball, Feather, and Reproving the Laws of Physics


I'm as much of a science nerd as the next person, but sometimes I wonder: why do we do the same experiments over and over after someone else has already proved a point?

Pisa experiment by Galileo Galilei. Drawn by Theresa Knott
Mudslides for Earth Science Week!

Today is the last day of Earth Science Week! To mark the occasion, let’s talk about a sticky earth science topic—mudslides!


Mailboxes in a mud flow in Castle Rock, Washington, 1980
photo credit: U.S. Geological Survey

It's Ada Lovelace Day! Let's Talk Women in Tech

Oh, Ada. What would you think of the world today?

Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer


It's STEM Friday!

Join Nomad Press at the Annual Conference for Middle Level Education

Join Nomad Press at the Middle School Show in Columbus, Ohio!

Photo by Dave Brenner, U-M SNRE

Annual Conference for Middle Level Education

Thursday, October 15, 2015, 9 a.m.

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