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Telling the Climate Change Story


A guest blog by Nomad Press authors Erin Twamley and Joshua Sneideman

Practicing Good Digital Citizenship: Teaching with Technology

Being polite, helping others, leaving the world a better place than you found it—these are all things that are part of being good citizens in the real world.

What's Your Favorite?

photo credit: pictureperfect96

The end of the year is my favorite season, even more so than spring, and that's saying a lot when you live in the (usually) frozen northern state of Vermont. December is home to that weird intersection of reflection on the months behind you and anticipation of the months ahead. We batten down the hatches, sweep out the cobwebs, snuggle up to the embers, and embark on lots of other clichés during these last weeks of December. My favorite? The “best of” lists.

Kids and Technology

Are your kids ready for the technology of the 21st century?

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