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How to Bring Henrietta Leavitt to Your Classroom or Homeschool!

Henrietta Leavitt helped reveal what the galaxy really looks like!

This is the last day of March, and Women’s History Month is drawing to a close. Let’s take this opportunity to learn about one of the unsung heroes of astronomy, Henrietta Swan Leavitt.

Make Math Fun and Relevant!


Leonardo da Vinci studies bubbles to figure out the math secrets of the universe!

Shakespeare's Skull: A Historical Who Dunit

David Tennant plays the character of Hamlet, using the real skull of composer André Tchaikowsky in a stage production of Shakespeare's Hamlet.


Who’s the most famous English writer in history? Shakespeare, anyone? 

Mix Music and Engineering in the classroom

March is Music in Our Schools month! It might seem tricky to bring a discussion of music into a science class or a math class, but with a little creativity, you can link subjects across disciplines for a fun and informative learning experience that kids will love! Best of all, at the end of the activity, you've got the makings of a classroom band!

Join the Book Squad!



We're starting a new program here at Nomad Press that we're very excited about! Join the Book Squad to win free books, recieve free sneak peeks of upcoming titles, and help us create better books.

Talking Election in the Classroom!




Meet the Illustrator: Tom Casteel


Tom Casteel (self portrait)

Have you ever wondered who illustrates our books? Find out in our Meet the Illustrator blog series!

Meet the Author: Jennifer Swanson


Jennifer Swanson

Have you ever wondered who writes our books? Find out in our Meet the Author blog series!

Welcome home, Scott Kelly!
Earth photobombs Scott Kelly's selfie!
photo credit: NASA

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly has had a pretty big year. He’s spent longer in space than any American before him. He’s reached almost all of the milestones set for him by NASA, including growing greenhouse gardens in zero gravity. He’s made more than 5,000 trips around the Earth. And now he’s coming home.

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