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Tips For a Successful Family Road Trip


Like most families across the United States, my gang is heading out on a road trip next week. Twelve hours of being trapped inside a car while traffic crawls along at an infuriating pace and children whine about leg room, hunger, thirst, bathroom needs, and each other. Sounds amazing!

Listen to the Sounds of Nature on This Year's Family Vacation

What do you think it sounds like here? Heading out to see the sights this summer? How about heading out to hear the sounds? Families across the country are taking to the road this summer to see the beautiful national parks of our country. The goal is to step into the wilderness and forgot for a while about school, work, daily routines, technology—the stuff that keeps us distracted from the natural world. How about using your ears as much as your eyes? Listen to the sounds of nature on this year's family vacation.

My Kid Hates to Read and How I'm going to Fix It

This kid? This is not my kid. My kid hates to read.

We all know that it’s essential to keep kids reading during the summer months. Children that don’t read during summer vacation can lose up to 3 months of the learning they gained the year before. For some kids, reading is the obvious thing to do during long, hot days by the pool or in the treehouse—popsicles and books go together like baseball and hot dogs. For other kids, the problem standing in the way of a summer of reading is a lack of books. Luckily, there are some brilliant programs springing up across the country to fix this particular issue, though we can all work harder to get books in the hands of kids who need them.

Time to Celebrate Make Music Day!

Here’s a riddle: What brings people together, makes people feel less alone, makes people smile, makes people cry, let’s people be themselves and be someone completely different? The answer is music!

Happy Cephalopod Week!

Common squid from the Belgian continental shelf. Photo credit: Hans Hillewaert

What’s a cephalopod and why do we devote a week to celebrating it? Cephalopods are marine creatures of the molluscan class Cephalopoda and include octopi, squid, cuttlefish, and nautiluses. These are pretty strange looking creatures, and they are also extremely capable. For example, you can watch videos of an octopus opening a glass jar with a screw-top lid from the inside. There are also instances of octopi travelling across land in search of food.

Celebrate World Oceans Day!

Happy World Oceans Day!

Do you live near the ocean? Do you live far inland? Whether you're on the coast or gazing at a desert, the ocean affects you. It's because of the ocean that our world is habitable--without it, there would be no life! That's why we need to take care of our oceans and make sure they're healthy for a long time to come. The best way to celebrate World Oceans Day is by doing your part to make a difference!
Essential Summer Reading for Kids

Are you a parent concerned about summer slide, when kids lose one to three months of knowledge during the lazy days of summmer? Are you a librarian looking for ways to get young patrons reading this summer? Are you a teacher who needs a few good book lists to send home with students? We've got some suggestions for essential summer reading! 

STEAM Challenge!

What have you got hanging around your house or classroom that you don't want to throw away, but you can't figure out what to do with it? Here at the Nomad office, it's plastic CD cases. We have millions of them! Okay, that might be an exageration, but there's a stack at least a foot high taking up space in the corner. Throwing them out would be a waste of plastic, but....are they useful for anything else? 

The Essential Guide to Stargazing with Children


Early June is a great time for stargazing! Now that it’s warm enough to stay outside late into the night and many kids no longer have to worry about waking up early for school the next day, it’s a good time to take advantage of the free science lab above your head—the nighttime sky! Even without equipment such as telescopes or binoculars, you can see many things in the sky. Use this guide to stargazing with children to ensure everyone is inspired to learn more about the universe around us.

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