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Get Smart with Successful Summer Screen Time

Long summer days can be hard to fill with constant enriching activity! And yes, while boredom is a useful learning tool, there is such a thing as enough. Many parents and guardians, especially those who have other work besides caring for children, allow more screen use in the summer than in the school season. When your seven-year-old is sitting on the couch playing Minecraft, it’s easier to make dinner, answer emails, talk on the phone to your boss or partner, and do just about anything else.

Discover National Parks and Celebrate 100 Years of the National Park Service

On August 15, 1916, Congress created the National Park Service and ever since, the natural beauty and wonder of this country has been treasured, protected, and learned from by millions of people, including scores of schoolchildren. 

Cool Space Websites for Spacey Kids

An artist's imagining of Juno's orbit around Jupiter, from NASA/JPL-Caltech

Want to go to space? Me too. Not on an astronaut track? Me neither. This doesn’t mean space is unreachable, though! Armed with little more than a computer and our imaginations, there are still ways we can travel among the stars. Read on for some cool space websites for kids (and adults!) who like a little bit of space in their days on Earth.

4 Ways to Bring History to Life in Your Classroom

I know, I know, you're on summer break and your classroom is the furthest thing from your sun-soaked mind. But is it really? In my experience, teachers don't quit teaching just because schools out for the summer. For most of the teachers I know, these two months are an opportunity to plan, prepare, reenergize, and gather new ideas for the coming year.

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