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Bringing a Historical Perspective to Today's Issues

 We at Nomad Press hold it as our mission to provide middle school students with the tools and skills they’ll need in a future we can’t quite imagine. And we’re doing this by looking at the past.

old black and white photo of women doing war work wearing goggles

Books in Nomad Press’s Inquire and Investigate Great Events of the Twentieth Century set do exactly that. And they cover a lot of ground! Titles in this set include World War II: From the Rise of Hitler to the Dropping of the Atomic Bomb; The Space Race: How the Cold War Put Humans on the Moon; The Vietnam War; and Globalization: Why We Care About Faraway Events.

Equipping young people with essential skills for a socio-political landscape we have yet to encounter might seem like a lofty goal for a children’s educational publisher. But we feel we can make a great impact by publishing books that encourage young readers to ask hard questions.

Like these: Why do people compare the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to the Vietnam War? What does World War II have to do with today’s international policies? Why should kids be concerned about the trade deficit? And what impact did our past relationship with Russia have on our ability to fly to the moon? All of these questions and more help tomorrow’s generation of leaders learn the incredibly useful lessons of the past.

When kids are exposed to the events and schools of thought that came before them, it can be eye opening. They realize that the problems they hear about today have been tackled before, in some form or another. They gain an understanding of just how much thought and groundwork have gone into finding solutions to these problems. And they are better able to recognize their own roles in those solutions.

Books in this set tackle hard historical topics through the lens of today’s current events and encourage young readers to compare and contrast time periods by analyzing primary sources and exploring essential questions. Through engaging narratives, color photograph, fun facts, and links to online videos and primary sources, these books all offer a foundation of historical and cultural knowledge that kids need to better involve themselves in 

In a world that can feel increasingly problematic, we think kids should have a context. We all do better at problem solving when we have a cache of knowledge to use as a point of comparison and contrast. Critical and creative thinking arises from parsing the threads of information in ways that acknowledge the relevancy of stories on our own lives, especially stories from history.

Our hope is that young readers dive into these books with their eyes wide open and their minds ready to hook on the familiar, the new, and the bridges in between—there are plenty of them!

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