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Global Trade? What's That?

You might be hearing a lot of news about global trade relations, trade wars, tariffs, and lots of other terms that feel like they have very little to do with you, but in fact could have an impact on your daily life!

A night image of a cargo ship in port

If you're like me, you're probably a bit confused. Aren't we allies with the European Union? Why are we talking about tariffs? And what is the deal with China? Don't we want to import goods from them? Doesn't global trade make for healthy economies?

Globalization: Why We Care About Faraway Events book coverIf you're scratching your head and trying to tease out what's fact and what's opinion, this sample chapter from Globalization: Why We Care About Faraway Events is for you. This book takes readers on a step by step journey of what the term "globalization" means, and even takes a couple of chapters to focus specifically on trade. It's a great map for those of us who don't have degrees in economics!

Click here to download a sample chapter!




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