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Enter to win in honor of International Women's Day!

To celebrate the one day set aside to honor women around the world, we're giving away a set of five books in our Girls in Science series, which aims to bring the stories of working female scientists to young people!

Tackling Tough Topics in Today's World

“Nomad Press is committed to bringing the world into sharper focus for kids,” says Alex Kahan, publisher of Nomad Press. “Sometimes, this means producing books that deal with subjects that can be uncomfortable.

Bringing a Historical Perspective to Today's Issues

 We at Nomad Press hold it as our mission to provide middle school students with the tools and skills they’ll need in a future we can’t quite imagine. And we’re doing this by looking at the past.

How to Talk to Kids about Tough Topics

Talking to kids about tough topics is one of the hardest things educators and parents have to do. Whether kids have questions about today’s terror events around the globe, yesterday’s terrorism on American soil, war, racism, poverty, drugs, or something else, we need to be clear, safe, and thorough when offering up answers.



Back-to-School Tips for Parents


We know how hard it can be to slip from summertime ease into the rigor and schedule-driven months of September and October. Some parents are naturals at it—they’ve got meal plans on the Google calendar, the school lunch accounts are already boosted, and everyone has clean underwear, shoes without holes, and knows their teachers’ names. 

Celebrate Skyscraper Day!

It's Skyscraper Day! Which is a terrific time to celebrate our new book, SKYSCRAPERS! With 25 Science Projects for Kids.

Growth Mindset in the Classroom

As adults, we’ve had plenty of practice overcoming setbacks and meeting challenges head on, finding the teachable moment in failure and the silver linings among high expectations. And even with all these years of experience, sometimes it’s still hard to recognize that failure is always an opportunity to learn. 

Global Trade? What's That?

You might be hearing a lot of news about global trade relations, trade wars, tariffs, and lots of other terms that feel like they have very little to do with you, but in fact could have an impact on your daily life!

Watching Kids Wake Up

The last several months, kids have been in the news. We’ve seen walk-outs, demonstrations, marches, interviews, calls for action—teenagers are proving themselves a force to be reckoned with, and it’s an impressive sight, whether or not you agree with their politics.


Meet the Author: Carla Mooney

Have you ever wondered who writes our books? Find out in our Meet the Author blog series! 

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