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Why Is It So Cold If There's Global Warming?

Here in New England, we're cold. Really cold. We've had about a week of sub-zero temperatures, cold enough for school to be delayed opening, cold enough for ski areas to be far less populated than usual on school holiday, cold enough for outdoor cats to become temporary indoor cats. It's even cold enough to affect the sharks!

Gigantic Piece of Ice Going Rogue!

What do you put in your lemonade to make it cold in the summer? Ice? Imagine if your ice cube weighed about 1 trillion tons and  covered an area of 2,239 square miles. That's a whole lot of ice!


Climate Change in the Classroom

Climate change is an important topic. Many weeks, it dominates the news cycle, and global leaders are in constant conversation about what to do to stem global warming, rising sea levels, and other preventable catastrophes. Stories about innovations in renewable energies and environmental cleanup abound beside stories of ecological disasters and newly extinct species. There’s a lot of information out there. How much of it is trickling down to classrooms around the country?

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