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How to Teach Kids that Failure Might Be the Best Option

A couple of words that have been getting a lot of attention the past few years in conversations about education are “grit” and "failure." How do we teach kids that it's okay to fail?

Happy New Year! What's Your Resolution?

January 3 isn’t too late to make some New Year’s resolutions, is it? 

Girls in Science: An Important New Series

Ask a roomful of first graders how many of them are scientists and they'll all raise their hands. First graders know that they don't have to wear lab coats to practice science, even though lab coats are a welcome addition to any first-grade wardrobe. Kids instinctively know that science is for everyone. It's how we figure out the world.

Ask a roomful of sixth graders the same question and you might not get the same response, and most of the raised hands will probably belong to boys. Researchers have discovered that around ages 10-12, many girls start to lose interest in science. Nomad Press's response to this problem is a new series of books called Girls in Science.

Hello Pluto!

Today’s a good day to be an earthling. Sure, we’ve still got war, famine, drought, and melting glaciers, but today we’ve also got pictures of Pluto.

Bill Nye, Science Guy, Sets LightSail

The Planetary Society, with Bill Nye, succeeds with LightSail despite a number of setbacks.

You might have heard of Bill Nye. Super famous science guy known for getting kids all over the world excited about science? Well, check out his latest project: LightSail!

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