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Celebrate Skyscraper Day!

It's Skyscraper Day! Which is a terrific time to celebrate our new book, SKYSCRAPERS! With 25 Science Projects for Kids.

Simple Machines and Molecular Machines--How Are They Different?

Small simple machines are a huge part of our lives. We might not even realize how important they are until we find ourselves outside on a chilly morning with a wide open coat, or trying to eat steak with a spoon. In the future, small chemical machines might be an important part of health and medicine. What do simple machines and molecular machines have in common? They were all invented to improve our lives!


How to Build a Makerspace in Your Classroom or Library

School is full swing. For students, that means hitting the books, losing the pencils, catching up with friends, and navigating a new teacher's expectations. It might also mean getting to tinker away in a makerspace.

Mix Music and Engineering in the classroom

March is Music in Our Schools month! It might seem tricky to bring a discussion of music into a science class or a math class, but with a little creativity, you can link subjects across disciplines for a fun and informative learning experience that kids will love! Best of all, at the end of the activity, you've got the makings of a classroom band!

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