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Discussing Civil Rights with Kids: Because It Makes a Difference

What impact does Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech have today? Is it still relevant? Is it, perhaps, more relevant than ever?

Take a Family Vacation That Counts

During the next month, and then again through the spring months, families all over the United States will be embarking on those hallmarks of childhood: the family vacation. Where are you and your family going this year?

Discover National Parks and Celebrate 100 Years of the National Park Service

On August 15, 1916, Congress created the National Park Service and ever since, the natural beauty and wonder of this country has been treasured, protected, and learned from by millions of people, including scores of schoolchildren. 

What's Your Favorite?

photo credit: pictureperfect96

The end of the year is my favorite season, even more so than spring, and that's saying a lot when you live in the (usually) frozen northern state of Vermont. December is home to that weird intersection of reflection on the months behind you and anticipation of the months ahead. We batten down the hatches, sweep out the cobwebs, snuggle up to the embers, and embark on lots of other clichés during these last weeks of December. My favorite? The “best of” lists.

It's the Connection that Counts: StoryCorps and The Great Listen

This holiday weekend, it's the connection that counts

The Haunted History of Halloween!

Are you setting out this Saturday night in costume, treat bag at the ready? Are you already jumping at loud, unexpected noises and the sight of black cats? Are your pointed hat, fake fangs, and shaggy wig hanging by your door? It must be the season of Halloween!

A traditional Irish turnip Jack-o'-lantern from the early 20th century. Photographed at the Museum of Country Life, Ireland. Photo credit: rannṗáirtí anaiṫnid

How to Remember a Family Vacation

It's August! Time for one last month of summer fun before school starts! 

Is your family heading out on the road for a much-needed vacation? Whether you're going across the country, to the next state, or to a local museum or lake, traveling is a great chance to renew family bonds while making memories and learning new things.

Celebrate Memorial Day with Primary Sources!

Why do we celebrate Memorial Day? Hint: the holiday has nothing to do with store sales or open-toed shoes! Most of us have lost the meaning behind holidays such as Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. Celebrating Memorial Day with primary sources is a great way to find our way back.


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