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Watch a Cool Book Trailer for Explore Makerspace!

Check out a book trailer for Explore Makerspace! With 25 Great Projects!

Tinkering Kits for Kids vs. Independent Exploration

If you’re a parent and spend any amount of time on social media, it’s likely you’ve seen sponsored posts that advertise subscriptions for monthly STEM kits to be delivered to your house for your kids’ tinkering pleasure.



How to Build a Makerspace in Your Classroom or Library

School is full swing. For students, that means hitting the books, losing the pencils, catching up with friends, and navigating a new teacher's expectations. It might also mean getting to tinker away in a makerspace.

5 Tactics to Supercharge the Last Month of School!

Ah, May, when the weather turns warm, the flowers bloom, and schoolchildren everywhere start daydreaming of summer vacation a month before it actually starts. This last stretch of the school year defines the laws of quantum physics by both flying by and lasting forever. It flies because there’s still so much work to be done during this last month of school to prepare children for the next year. And it drags because when the windows are open, you can smell the sweet spring air just taunting you with promises of lazy afternoons and buckets of free time.

Mix Music and Engineering in the classroom

March is Music in Our Schools month! It might seem tricky to bring a discussion of music into a science class or a math class, but with a little creativity, you can link subjects across disciplines for a fun and informative learning experience that kids will love! Best of all, at the end of the activity, you've got the makings of a classroom band!

Maker Space Project: Design a Chair!

Have you joined the maker movement?

Two friends make a wooden airplane in 1942. Makers before there was
a maker movement!

Makers have been around as long as humans. That curious instinct that drove early humans to discover fire, figure out how to control it, and invent tools to make life easier is the same curious instinct that drives kids to make their own doorbells, flashlights, video games, robots, clothing, and skateboards!

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Mobius Strip?

To get to the same side!

A strip of paper connected into a half loop is one of the most intriguing shapes you’ll ever encounter! For such a seemingly simple shape, it has some amazing qualities. For example, it has only one side. What?! How is that possible?

Build a Maker Space in Your Classroom, Library, or Homeschool!

All over the country, kids are going back to school! This year, immerse your kids in a true hands-on experience by creating a maker space in your classroom, library or homeschool.

A maker space encourages kids to use logic, solve problems, and feel empowered!

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