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STEM Education: The Way of the Future?

If you work in education, have children, edit children's nonfiction books, or spend any time on social media, you've probably heard of STEM education. STEM education focuses on the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. And you might have come across STEAM education as well, which adds the Arts. Schools, administrators, parents, researchers, and politicians have long held STEM education to be the goal to strive for in an age of tightening school budgets. But is this tightened focus on a handfull of subjects going to be worth it?

It's STEM Friday!

STEM Friday: Brains!

The Brain: Discover the Universe Inside Your Head
by Carla Mooney, Illustrated by Tom Casteel
128 pages, grades 7-9
Nomad Press, 2015



We all have them. We use them to know when and what to eat, to make decisions both large and small, to sense who to trust and who to stay away from, and to recognize pain and react accordingly. 

Brains! That three-pound lump of grayish matter can do things that no other animal or machine can do. Without your brain, you would not be alive. Your brain regulates your heartbeat, blood pressure, and breathing. It tells you when to eat, drink, and sleep. Your brain also makes you the person that you are. It guides and directs your actions and behavior. Your brain controls how you feel, perceive, and think about the world around you. That’s a pretty huge job.

STEM Friday! Physics: Investigate the Forces of Nature

When skateboarder Tony Hawk performs his signature move, the Ollie, he might not be running actual calculations in his head. It’s probably second nature for him to figure out how much force he needs to exert on his board and how far he needs to bend his knees to cushion the landing. But every move he makes on his skateboard is based on physics.

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