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The Science of Bottle Flipping

Remember this fad? While the initial fever seems to have worn off, every so often it loops back around in my house and that familiar "Ka-chunck" echoes from the rafters, accompanied by cheers and groans of my boys.

Listen to the Sounds of Nature on This Year's Family Vacation

What do you think it sounds like here? Heading out to see the sights this summer? How about heading out to hear the sounds? Families across the country are taking to the road this summer to see the beautiful national parks of our country. The goal is to step into the wilderness and forgot for a while about school, work, daily routines, technology—the stuff that keeps us distracted from the natural world. How about using your ears as much as your eyes? Listen to the sounds of nature on this year's family vacation.

My Kid Hates to Read and How I'm going to Fix It

This kid? This is not my kid. My kid hates to read.

We all know that it’s essential to keep kids reading during the summer months. Children that don’t read during summer vacation can lose up to 3 months of the learning they gained the year before. For some kids, reading is the obvious thing to do during long, hot days by the pool or in the treehouse—popsicles and books go together like baseball and hot dogs. For other kids, the problem standing in the way of a summer of reading is a lack of books. Luckily, there are some brilliant programs springing up across the country to fix this particular issue, though we can all work harder to get books in the hands of kids who need them.

Essential Summer Reading for Kids

Are you a parent concerned about summer slide, when kids lose one to three months of knowledge during the lazy days of summmer? Are you a librarian looking for ways to get young patrons reading this summer? Are you a teacher who needs a few good book lists to send home with students? We've got some suggestions for essential summer reading! 

5 Projects Guaranteed to Beat Summer Slide!


Download Our FREE Summer Survival Guide

Did you know that kids typically lose two to three months of math and reading skills during the summer months, with low-income children experiencing the greatest loss? Most teachers spend the first four to six weeks of the new school year reviewing concepts that have not been retained from the previous year.

Summer Reading for Kids!

Ah summer, the season of hot days, cool lemonade, and hours of summer reading in the hammock. Sure, there’s still work, camp, and errands, but most people look at summer as an opportunity to catch up on all the books they didn’t have time for during the fall, winter, and spring months when the days were shorter.

Turn Screen Time into Learning Time

Plenty of arguments about screen time are waged over breakfast tables around the world and in the media. How much is too much? Is gamification really a valuable tool? Are kids going to lose the ability to interact with other humans in meaningful ways? Does screen time contribute to the obesity epidemic

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